E.M. Whittaker

Novelist. Reader. Cat lover.

E.M. Whittaker is the author of the Poisoner of Charm City, Charm City Assassins, and the Agent and Mistress of Hel series coming in late 2024. She has more series planned for the future.

When she is not busy writing, she can either be seen with her dog and two cats, or adventuring in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. She also likes playing JRPGs and reading manga/comic books along with fantasy and romance novels.

Her favorite animes are Berserk, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Knights of Sidonia, Naruto, and Sailor Moon.

Upcoming Releases
  • Belladonna's Mark
  • Belladonna's Curse
  • Belladonna's Wrath
  • Belladonna's Assassins
  • Belladonna's Reign
  • Vulture's Kiss
  • Vulture's Hex