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Vulture's Kiss

Louis & Evelyn: Book One

Louis Armandi leads a double life. By day, he’s a businessman. By night, he’s a professional mobster. He doesn’t have time for romance.

Even if he did, there’s one rule: whoever he dates must be able to resist his vampiric charm. Their relationship won’t work otherwise. When both of his jobs are in jeopardy and he hires a professional escort to help him out, he feels something different.

A fated bond.

Now, he must convince her they’re supposed to be together forever.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Rodriguez is in a personal and business rut. Her ex is stalking her. Her accounts are in the red. She’s got two weeks to pay her rent or face eviction.

She’s got no choice but to accept Tall, Dark, and Handsome’s proposal and pretend to be his classy girlfriend at his business party for a few hours.

The job seems simple enough.

But between his devilish charms and his sexy voice, she breaks her one important rule: never mix business with pleasure. If she’s not careful, she’ll become the next victim to his vampiric curse.

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Vulture's Hex

Louis & Evelyn: Book Two

Their fated bond overcame Louis’s troublesome curse. Now, Evelyn’s family and her vampiric powers threaten to tear them apart.

Life has been difficult for Louis. Since his girlfriend turned into a vampire, things have been busy with work while he builds up his business to secure their future. After his investor for his cologne business dies from a vampire bite, Louis must investigate his death to see if it’s a rogue vampire on the loose or if Evelyn has gone out of control from her hunger.

If she’s gone out of control, then the vampiric court will find her and make him kill her.

Meanwhile, Evelyn hasn’t adjusted to being a vampire very well. Her faith in God has been destroyed. Her life has gotten complicated now that she’s Eisen’s bodyguard and protege. But once her vampire surfaces, she must use every ounce of self-control not to bite the people she loves including Louis.

But she has another threat: the vampiric court and the Sect sending someone to kill her. If she's not careful, the assassin could kill both her and Louis.

Evelyn won't allow herself to die a second time.

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Vulture's Bond

Louis & Evelyn: Book Three

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Lion's Pride

Hector & Porsha

Coming in 2025.

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Charmed & Dangerous

Eisen & Arnold

Coming in 2025.

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