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Agent of Hel: Book One

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I never thought I’d want to leave the Sect. I had everything there: a promising career as Lord Alaric’s protege, unlimited power as the Deadly Sin of Envy, and the perfect job as a neuropsychiatrist at Sistine Memorial Hospital when I lived in the human world in Charm City.

However, to keep everything balanced, I've kept a secret from my master. I've hidden my husband Vkitor Kelvin away from Master Alaric so he doesn’t kill him for defecting from the Sect.

When my master assigns me a mission to find a defector from the Holy Ten, he offers me a choice: take on the mission he’s assigned me and kill Viktor, or risk becoming a traitor and defecting from the Sect myself.

With my only help coming from Kelvin’s friends, my wonderful boss, and a handful of girlfriends, I have to make my choice. Either I can continue to be the villain everyone despises or I can become a hero without a clue about how to live like one.

My problem? I don't know which side to choose.

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Dark Knight's Greed

Agent of Hel: Book Two

Coming out in 2025.

Once Eileen Kelvin defected from the Sect, she thought her problems were over.

They were only just beginning.

It's been a few months since I defected from the Sect and discovered my true self. I'm doing well at my job and making progress in my relationships. However, when the second commander of the templar knights from the Deadly Sin of Greed's unit comes to our doorstep to ask for our help, I simply can't refuse.

A magical illness has affected not only the templars but also the Deadly Sin of Greed, Shane.

This illness also happens to affect those in my psychiatric ward at Sistine Memorial Hospital and Raymond and I have no idea how to stop it. We keep losing patients and it doesn't look good for the hospital's upcoming meeting about their yearly funding.

Plus, more souls have been stolen from the Underworld, so I have to stop that, too. However, there's a huge problem: one that could change me forever.

I'll have to deal with the possibility of regaining my lost memories and I'm not sure if I want them back.

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Magic, Lies, & Dr. Gluttony

Agent of Hel: Book Three

Coming in 2025.

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Wrath of Nine Tails

Champion of Hel: Book Four

Coming in 2025!

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