Release Schedule for 2024-2026

This is a tentative schedule. As such, release dates are subject to change depending on reader’s reviews and overall interest in the series. If a series is not doing well, I will still release books, but not as quickly as if another series is doing better at the current point in time.

Urban Fantasy Romance

The Poisoner of Charm City series is undergoing editing and new cover branding. Release dates will be announced when all covers and edits are completed.

Mye & Travis
All of these will release in 2024.

  1. Belladonna’s Mark (updated with bonus scenes)
  2. Belladonna’s Curse (updated with bonus scenes – waiting on cover)
  3. Belladonna’s Wrath (new release – waiting on cover)
  4. Belladonna’s Assassins (new release – waiting on cover and edits)
  5. Belladonna’s Reign (new release – waiting on cover and edits)

Standalones (Poisoner of Charm City)
These will be released depending on what readers decide through reviews and sales.

  1. Under the Black Widow’s Spell Joe & Jem – end of 2024
  2. Injustice – Travis & Lyssa – TBA
  3. Wolves & Magic – Lim, Aquarius, & Celene – TBA
  4. Tiger’s Eye – Reese & Karyn – TBA

Champion of Hel

There are two parts to this series. The determination factor on continuing the second part of the series depends on reader’s reviews and sales of the first four books. There are eight books planned if the series does well.

Soulstealer & Kelvin

  1. Soulstealer (Fall 2024)
  2. Dark Knight’s Greed (Spring 2025)
  3. Magic, Lies, & Dr. Gluttony (Fall 2025)
  4. Wrath of Nine Tails (Spring 2026)

Paranormal Romance

Charm City Assassins

Louis and Evelyn’s series is going through cover rebranding and the first book is going through editing. I will be adding some bonus scenes and lengthening the original book. Its release date will not be announced until the first book is completed re-writes and editing.

Louis & Evelyn
(Book One and Two will release in 2024.)

  1. Vulture’s Kiss (TBA)
  2. Vulture’s Hex (Fall 2024)
  3. Vulture’s Bond (Early 2025)

These will be decided in the order readers want to read.

  1. Lion’s Pride – Hector & Porsha – Summer 2025
  2. Charmed & Dangerous – Eisen & Arnold – Fall 2025
  3. Marked By Possession – Kenneth and Yasmin – TBA
  4. Vampiric Sonata – Morgan & Sophia – TBA
  5. Married to the Shifter Mob – Marco & Bobbi – TBA
  6. Trouble, Trouble, & Witches Who Bubble – Sorches & Troia – TBA
  7. See You Later, Alligator – Tessa & Ed – TBA
  8. Redacted Title – Roland & Myra

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