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Poisoner of Charm City

Urban Fantasy Romance with Supernatural Suspense

This series is for people who want to read urban fantasy romance without all the sex scenes and like a slow-burn romance.

Aviere Mye was someone who thought of nothing but retiring as a poisoner for the mafia and racing her Ferrari, but she had two objectives to complete: find her missing husband and kill her mother's murderer. However, life gives her a curveball when she is captured by her mother's previous employer to protect her from the person framing her for murder.

Suddenly, she's forced to play nice with a human hacker whose annoying voice could constitute its own superpower and a trigger-happy assassin posing as an FBI agent and hiding his magical powers.

Together with her new partners, her two brothers, her friends, and her mafia contacts, Mye finds out her objectives and her partner's goal is the same: kill the man who destroyed their lives piece by piece.

They can only do this by working together no matter how much they resist.

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Charm City Assassins

Paranormal Romance with Mafiaesque Suspense

If you like your books to have spice, this is the series you want to read. Romances range from slow-burn to fast burn, depending on the couple being written.

Charm City is no stranger to vigilantes, but some of them fall under the assassin and mafia categories. Whether it's a kingpin, their right-hand men, or their associates, everyone has their run-in with love at some point while on the job.

Join them on their crazy adventures as they work their day jobs, hide their nighttime antics, and try to resist falling in love no matter the cost. Some couples have more than one book whereas some books are just standalones and can be read in any order.

You do not have to read the Poisoner of Charm City series to enjoy these books, but some people will make cameos in the series from time to time.

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Agent & Mistress of Hel

Paranormal Romance

This series does have more spice than Poisoner of Charm City. Medium-burn.

It is recommended to read the Poisoner of Charm City series before reading this particular series.

Eileen Kelvin--also known as the famous Soulstealer--has helped the Poisoner of Charm City and her partners take down one of the most ruthless men in the magic and shifter communities: Lowell Sanderson. However, while her mission from her master is completed, he wants her to still turn in her husband Viktor Kelvin for defecting from the Sect.

Despite her cushiony home and loving her job as a neuropsychiatrist, she keeps seeing people from the Sect at her psychiatric ward at Sistine Memorial Hospital and realizes the harm she's caused other people.

While at work, she meets a new employee who changes her life and takes her to one of the Dark Mistresses: Helestia. Eileen is charged with stopping her master because he's stealing souls from the Underworld and is hell bent on taking over the world.

This series explores Eileen's transformation from the villain to the hero while reconnecting with her husband, daughter, and their new found family.

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