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Belladonna's Mark

Poisoner of Charm City: Book One

Mye is her name and vengeance is her game.

Murder is serious business, and Aviere Mye is a top notch professional. Her work as poisoner and apothecarian earned her a place in Charm City’s crime syndicate, and she’s looking forward to her overdue retirement.

Except retirement isn’t so simple for this shifter.

Her boss is killed with one of her trademark poisons. A string of murders sets the authorities on her trail. And right before she can escape, she’s tagged by a group of supernatural assassins, who give her a magical hitman to protect her.

Armed with her genius intellect, her brothers, her trigger-happy partner Travis, and his neurotic hacker-for-hire, Mye sets out to apprehend the culprit and clear her name with the syndicate. She has seven days to complete her assignment before her tracking bracelet explodes.

How will Mye survive alongside Travis and the ruthless Renegade organization?

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Belladonna's Curse

Poisoner of Charm City: Book Two

Her older brother’s darkest secrets might cost her crew their lives.

After Aviere Mye cleared her name, she stayed with the Renegades to save Travis’s life and she regrets it. She hasn’t made any progress at finding her missing husband.

Even worse, she’s been working with her unit’s unbearable hacker-for-hire since her trigger-happy partner went out on medical leave.

Somehow, she hasn’t killed the snide weasel yet.

Now, her boss throws her a curveball when he gives her unit their latest assignment: to stop the Zodiac Cartel from dealing synthetic drugs in South Charm City.

While her partners jump at the opportunity, she’s not so thrilled. For her, the cartel represents her older brother’s grievous sin.

If Mye has any hope of stopping them, then she needs to straighten out her personal life before her brother’s enemies get her, her men, or her family killed. But there’s one fact she cannot overlook: that one key component inside this deadly drug shouldn’t exist.

It’s her poisoned blood.

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Belladonna's Wrath

Poisoner of Charm City: Book Three

Her brother and husband betrayed her. Now, her enemies will pay with their lives.

Two months after Lim’s death, Mye has two new goals in her work with the Renegades: avenge her fallen brother and cursed husband while looking for her teenage son.

However, work keeps being difficult. Between overwhelming guilt, the demonic entity in her body, and violent mood swings, she’s barely able to function.

In the middle of her personal hell, she gets a break after being assigned a new case: human trafficking involving teenage shifters and the Red Coat Society. Her boss claims it was the last assignment her husband and frenemy worked on before they disappeared.

Mye has three weeks to find them and learn her family’s secrets before this case ends or else the rest of her family will die, too.

This time, she won’t run from her past.

She’ll make her enemies pay.

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Belladonna's Assassins

Poisoner of Charm City: Book Four
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Belladonna's Reign

Poisoner of Charm City: Book Five

Her former boss is trying to kill them. Now, Mye and Travis must face their greatest battle - Lowell Sanderson.

It’s been a few months since Mye fought Sanderson and he almost killed her and her newborn daughter. Now, she isn't sure if going after her former boss is the right thing to do since he broke her body and her spirit

Despite her reservations,  Mye can't worry about her doubts because she has more important goals to achieve. She wants to take over the Renegades and use their power to help save Charm City’s elite and supernatural communities. With these things in mind, Mye must also stop the demonic army that Sanderson made with her poisoned blood from attacking all parts of Charm City with Kelvin, Soulstealer, and the other Deadly Sins.

With Sanderson creating demons from the ten plagues that plagued Egypt, Mye encounters another problem: Travis's magic finally goes out of control. She must struggle not only with the demons outside her home, but the one inside her partner. If she doesn't help Travis, he might become the very demon she abhors…

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A Poisoner of Charm City Novel

Coming in 2025.

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Under the Black Widow's Spell

A Poisoner of Charm City Novel

Coming in late 2024.

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Wolves & Magic

A Poisoner of Charm City Novel

Coming in 2025.

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Tiger's Eye

A Poisoner of Charm City Novel

Coming in late 2025.

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